My bankruptcy wasn’t even discharged but the guys at Kings of Credit approved me at under 10% interest on a brand new car! Everyone else told me that was impossible...everyone but the Kings, that is.


Everywhere I went, sales people were telling me to buy 6 or 7 year old cars from them. I have four kids and I needed a larger vehicle. Thanks to Kings of Credit, I now have a 1 year old Dodge Grand Caravan, with a warranty, at less than 10% interest!


I have already leased two vehicles through Kings of Credit and I’m currently looking at a third. I have recommended Kings of Credit to family and friends and like me, they were very pleased when their applications wre approved at low interest rates.


I’m a young person starting out without any credit history and everyone was telling me ‘20% plus interest.’ I would walk before paying those interest rates. I contacted Kings of Credit and was approved in only 2 hours at 7.5%. Thanks for treating me fairly.


I read your ad in the newspaper and did not believe I would be approved at such low rates, but I thought I would call anyway. I was approved the same day at 7.95% ! Wow, a company actually delivering exactly what their ad stated! You guys are great.


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